Our Vision

Buddhism is one of the world’s most ancient and influential religions, founded over 2565 years ago by Siddhartha Gautama, who ultimately achieved the supreme state of perfection known as Buddhahood. He didn’t keep this wisdom to himself; he shared with the world the invincible power of the human mind. Born as a man, he demonstrated how anyone could attain the highest wisdom and Supreme Enlightenment through their own efforts. Over the centuries, Buddhism has profoundly impacted the lives of millions, leaving an indelible mark on various cultures, societies, and individuals across the globe.

我們的願景 – 概而言之,什麼是佛教?

佛教是世界上最古老、Siddhartha Gautama 在大約二千五百六十五年前創立。他最終達到了被稱為佛果的最高完美境界。他並沒有把這種智慧只留在自己的境界中受用,而是與世界分享了這寶貴的、人類心靈不可戰勝的力量。他生而為人,並成功地向世人展示了如何透過自己的努力以獲得無上智慧和無上正覺。幾個世紀以來,佛教深刻地影響了數百萬人的生命,在全球各種文化、社會和個人生命中留下了不可磨滅的印記。

Our Mission

Buddha Dharma TV is dedicated to accommodating peace-loving individuals with the compassionate, serene, and rational teachings of the Buddha. Our programming includes Buddhist sermons on diverse topics, discussions, chanting, Buddhist Jataka tales, music, dramas, glimpses of monasteries, and serene views of all Buddhist holy sites. Guided meditation techniques will be conducted by Buddhist monks, nuns, and lay teachers representing the Mahayana, Theravada, Vajrayana, and Zen traditions. We will webcast our programs for 4 hours every weekend for three months, followed by daily 6-hour broadcasts. We kindly invite you to make the most of this webcasting opportunity, enrich your understanding of Buddha Dharma, and apply these noble teachings to your daily life.

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佛法電視台致力於為愛好和平、尋求覺悟的人們提供慈悲、沉靜、理性的佛陀教義的指導。我們的節目包括有關佛教教義不同主題的講說、討論,以及經典唱誦、佛教本生故事、音樂、戲劇、寺院導覽,以及所有佛教聖地景色的觀賞。除此之外,佛法電視台也提供有由佛教法師、尼師、及資深教師們所帶領的大乘、上座部、金剛乘和禪宗系統等的禪修指導。我們的節目將在連續的三個月內,於每個週末在網路上直播 六個小時,之後則會每天重播 6 小時。我們誠摯邀請您充分利用這次網路直播的機會,來豐富您對佛法的理解,並將這些崇高的教義應用到您的日常生活中。 祝你們一切順利、快樂!



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